Reviewing Dedicated Server Hosting Providers and Getting You The Right One.

7 Days to Die Dedicated Server

7 Days to Die Dedicated Server


If you want to have a 7 days to die dedicated server you need to have a couple of items known first.  What location are you planning to serve primary? What is your budget?  How many players do you want to host?  How many game servers do you want to host on your machine?  What level of technical support you need?  These five questions will help narrow down a dedicated server provider and get your 7 days to die up and running.


7 Days to Die Dedicated Server | Location

Location is extremely important and you want to get your server as close to your main clients as possible.  If you find a provider in Asia but most of your clan is in North America you will find the time it takes to talk to your server (latency) will increase dramatically.  This is because when a communication request is sent over the internet it has to go through several different providers/routers to get to the server and back.  As 7 days 2 die uses UDP to communicate to servers it also increases a chance that packet will be dropped and never even reach the server.  Try to purchase a 7 days to die dedicated server as close as possible to make these delays happen less.  At the very least have it on the same continent as most latency happens when you cross the ocean which only has a limited amount of fiber lines.

7 Days to Die Dedicated Server | Budget

You need to look over the budget and setup agreements with clan mates before purchasing a server.  If you decide to do an unmanaged dedicated server you can save 50-80% in some locations on server cost.  On the other hand if no one on your team is extremely technical then having a server doing nothing will be of little use to you so may need to purchase a 7 days to die dedicated server with support for both the game and the server itself.  I have some of those providers listed below.

7 Days to Die Dedicated Server | Players

Knowing how many players you want to host is key in making a purchase.  It helps determine what hardware you will need for your dedicated server and the bandwidth requirements of the network.  This really only comes into effect if you choose an unmanaged server as most 7 days to die supported dedicated server use high end processors/network that they base their per slot business on.  If you looking just to host a simple 8 player server with some friends you would just be better off purchasing the /per slot from then renting a dedicated box for it.  Here is a table with the some of the basic 7 days to die server requirements.

Table does not include OS hardware requirements just 7 Days to Die and it is a estimation.

Processor RAMHardDriveBandwidth # of Players
2.4Ghz 1 core1GB2GB200GB4
3.0 1 core2GB3GB500GB8
3.4Ghz 2 cores3GB 4GB1TB16
3.7Ghz 2 Cores5GB10GB2TB32

7 Days to Die Dedicated Server | Number of Game Servers

Now you need to figure out how many game servers to you want to host on the machine.  It takes a little math but if you want to host six eight player servers without causing them all to stutter in game then you need to make sure you have the processor. RAM, and network to support it.  I made a table with some basic estimation on what you will need for X 7 days to die servers.

Estimation.  Please comment below if you are finding different results.

ProcessorRAMBandwidth# of playersMax Servers
2xAMD 2216 2.4GHz420TB83
Xeon 5150 2.66Ghz8GB20TB86
E3-1240 3.4Ghz16GB20TB324
E3-1270 3.8Ghz32GB20TB328

7 Days to Die Dedicated Server | Technical Level

Running a game server is not the easiest endeavour in the world and can cause a huge level of frustration if you do not know what you’re doing.  If you have a good understanding  of Windows server OS and can read basic script code you can get away without having dedicated support for the game but still pay for a windows license (+$20/mo average).  If you have linux knowledge you can also run 7 days to die on a dedicated linux server.  This requires 10 times more configuration as it uses wine but it is doable.  If you are not comfortable with either of these then I recommend choosing from one of the providers below as they provide server support, game support, and an easy to use control panel to manage your 7 days to die servers.


7 Days to Die Dedicated Server | Managed Servers

My first choice is as they have some the highest  customer satisfaction rating and they have the biggest support team.  Servers are decently priced and if you need a modified setup talk to the sales team to get that going.  They have datacenters all over the world so location should not be an issue.  The tables are from my minecraft article so the player count is wrong.


ProcessorRAMHard DrivePriceEstimate number of players
E3-1240 3.4Ghz32GB120SSD$189150
E3-1240 3.4Ghz16GB1TB SATA$17995

 7 days to die dedicated server | Windows guide

So inside your 7 days to die installation folder you will have a  startdedicated.bat file.  You can edit the file to suit your needs/hardware.  You will also have a serverconfig.xml file that you can edit to change  the default values of the server.  These things include the name, port, password, max players, and much more.  Here is a table with all the command information.

Option Values Description
ServerPort 25000 Port you want the server to listen on
ServerIsPublic true,false Should this server register to master server – if true it will show on the server list
ServerName My Game Host Whatever you want the name of the server to be on the server browser
ServerPassword String Password to gain entry to the server. Leave empty for no password
ServerMaxPlayerCount 4 Maximum Concurrent Players (Max Slots)
GameWorld Navezgane Navezgane, MP Wasteland Horde, MP Wasteland Skirmish, MP Wasteland War are map options.
GameName My Game Whatever you want the game name to be (Save Folder Name)
GameDifficulty 2 0 – 4, 0=easiest, 4=hardest
GameMode GameModeSurvival GameModeSurvival, GameModeDeathmatch, GameModeZombieHorde
EnemySpawning true,false Spawn Zombies and other enemies?
ShowAllPlayersOnMap true,false Show other players on minimap and main map?
BuildCreate true,false cheat mode on/off
DayNightLength 20 Length of days and nights
FriendlyFire true,false Can players damage each other (PvP)
DayCount 3 Only for horde mode, use 0 for unlimited
FragLimit 5 Only for deathmatch, use 0 for disabled
MatchLength 15 only for deathmatch, use 0 for unlimited
RebuildMap true, false true=map is rebuild on next round, false=not
ControlPanelEnabled true,false Enable/Disable the control panel for web based commands
ControlPanelPort 8080 Port of the control panel webpage
ControlPanelPassword CHANGEME Password to gain entry to the control panel
TelnetEnabled true,false Enable/Disable the telnet
TelnetPort 8081 Port of the telnet server
DisableNAT false,true set this to true if your router doesn’t support NAT
BanFileName ban.txt ban filename


Standard location of dedicated bat fileydtdwindedicatedstep1

If you are hosting the server at home instead of a datacenter with a public IP you will need to use port forwarding on your router.  As there are different control panels for each router your best bet is to google the router model + port fowarding.

7 Days to Die Dedicated Server | Linux Guide

Check out for more info on 7 days to die Linux guide


  1. You’re sooo far from being right that it hurts. So i’ve just setup a new server (G3258, B85, 4GB RAM) and decided to test it with only 1 core to see if my new build was so mush overkill as your article suggests, thinking maybe i can save some money on the power bill.

    Tests was done flying/super run speed.
    ***1 core on 3,4 GHz; map rendering are slow and utilities about 50% CPU, so slow i belive 3 or more players different places on the map, will require 100% CPU.
    Now that’s not counting in zombies. If i wait a little while in a cleared area and spawn max allowed (set to 60), the zombie spawn utilities 100% CPU and starts causing NPC movment lacks and. With 3 players in different unexplored areas, 60 spawns are not uncommon

    ***2 cores on 3,8 GHz; Map rendering is fast. I can only catch up with the rendering (see it happen) if i go strait for a corner. Max spawn causes no problems at all, so I’ve increased it to 100. With 2 players different places and spawn 100, i’m seeing 50-85% CPU utilization, there are small peaks on just above 90%, but they seem rare and not really causing lacks on client side (so small it looks like regular out-of-sync shuttering)

    *** About the amount of memory needed. After the new map(s) “random gen” has been added 2GB is a bare minimum, since the game will accumulate to 1,5GB after rather low amount of time. This is only seem to get that big on random gen, so i belive it’s the map render, gathering ready-on-demand data

    Old server was E7300 2,66@3,00 GHz, 4GB RAM. 2 Players on raid to the destroyed city with 75 spawn was utilizing 55-90% CPU

    So as far as i can see the first 2 hardware estimation you make are very VERY mush to slow. If i didn’t have a server, so i had experience with this game i would have read your article and gotten a bay trail as server

    • Thank you for responding! You are a great help. I got the information after querying other server operators and GSPs. Were you running windows or linux as the OS for your tests? I assume with your tests you are including RAM and CPU for the OS.

      Thanks again!


      • Hello

        Let me start by apologize for the first few words, they where hard. Sry!

        Tests was done on win. Am including OS, but not in RAM, got monitors for that. Your source is wrong, plan and simple :) That’s because there is a huge difference in how mush the server needs to render compared to clients-side view distance settings. Yes that seems strange, but it’s true.

        I noticed it when a mate was on. He likes to keep his PC silent and therefore has a good GPU but down view distance down to lower heat/fan speed. The other day i checked the server and the CPU utilization was 2-6%, had been for ages, only one core active, so i figured it was empty. I didn’t know “he had done that” to 7DTD yet, I came online and he said hai and ask me to join him on the server. When i then join the server started working a bit, i climbed a tower we build and then the server really started working. We tested it a bit. Apparently the server only render what the client demands.

        So yeah, your CPU recommendation is fine as long as clients keep their settings standard. Up here in northern part of EU we have crappy weather 7-8 month a year, so i don’t know a single gamer who does not own a good-to-top notch PC. So ofc i have to expect my friends, friends to have PC’s capable of doing this game on max settings (to max out, sync 60 hz, FullHD, minimum HD7970 at 1050 MHz pref 1150-1250 MHz)

        The memory thing: In Alpha 9 they introduced random map creation. Random gen maps seem to be unbelievably mush larger. When several player explore, the exe seem to build up pretty fast and will not stop like with navegane. So with 4 players a 2 GB instance will not be unheard of.

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